Bike Trip #1

New York City to Piermont, NY


Central Park, Hudson River Greenway, George Washington Bridge, Rt 505, River Road and 9W

August 31, 2003

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Who we are

From Left to Right:  Katy, Suzen, Eric, Jo-Anne, Jackie, Sebastien, Luna, Rose

  Larry & Jeff's Bicycle Plus - 87th Street & 2nd Avenue  


Luna tries out her rental

under Eric's watchful eyes

Suzen & Luna ready

for their workout

Two Sisters 

  George Washington Bridge  


Sebastien and Jackie - before Sebastien sends Jackie ahead of the group across the GWB

A short stop for a view

along the Hudson

  River Road, Twombly Landing & "Stone Building"  


Easy biking along River Road

Rose takes a break at Twombly Landing

Eric & Sebastien have

a little fun with water


Suzen reaches the top of the "steep climb" to the real "Stone Building" - success!

Jo-Anne gets a push up the hill.  Or - is that Eric forcing  Jo-Anne to drag him uphill?

Jackie reaches the top


Rest stop

Eric entertains the tired bikers

  Piermont, NY - 4pm Lunch  


Katy and Eric

Everyone wants to blame them for the tough ride yet all continued to follow them to Piermont for a late lunch

We made a new friend along the way.  His name is Brian.

Jo-Anne, Luna & Suzen

sighed with relief - after they realized their torture is over.

$5 buys a comfortable bus ride back to NYC.


We trusted the locals and visitors to not run off with our unlocked bikes

Hungry patrons waited impatiently for their food

  Trip Notes  

NYC to Piermont Piermont to NYC

Larry & Jeff's at 87th and 2nd to Central Park

Central Park to W110th Street

Local roads to Hudson River Greenway @ 135th St

Greenway to George Washington Bridge

Cross the GWB to Route 505N

Rt 505N to River Road

River Road to Twombly Landing

Back up River Road to Route 9W North

Side trip to Pier at Piermont

Piermont Sidewalk Cafe

Total distance this leg 27.8 miles

Piermont to Route 9W South

9W South to Rt 505S

Rt 505S to George Washington Bridge

Cross the GWB to local roads

Local roads to Central Park North

Central Park (reverse direction) to East 90th Street

Local roads to Larry & Jeff's at 87th & 2nd




Total distance this leg 22.6 miles


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