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Recent Photos

NEW for 2008

Video from stage 7 of the 2007 Tour de France



Photos from our October 13th tandem ride up to Col de la Faucille in nearby Jura Mountains, France and our October 6th tandem ride through Geneva's wine region of Satigny and Dardagny



September 23rd hike up to Rochers de Naye in the Montreux region of Lake Geneva

- Rochers de Naye - Part 1

- Rochers de Naye - Part 2

September 16th hike up to Tête du Parmelan in Haute Savoie region of France (near Annecy)

- Tête du Parmelan - Hike

- Tête du Parmelan & Annecy

Sunset stroll around lake Geneva on September 15, 2007.  View Photos

Photos from our September 2nd bike trip to Sciez, France via Hermance, Chens-sur-Leman, Nernier and Yvoire.  See a map of the trip.


Photos from our August 25th bike trip up to La Croisette at Mont Salève, France via La Croix-de-Rozon, Collonges-Sous-Salève, Archamps, Beaumont, Saint Blaise.  See a map of the trip.


 View from our apartment onto Mont Salève on July 23rd after a rain shower


Photos from stage 7 of 2007 Tour de France which took place on July 14, 2007.  We rode our tandem from Geneva to Col de la Colombière in France.  Total distance cycled that day was approximately 120 kilometers.

- At the top of  Col de la Colombière

- The road up to Col de la Colombière

 - The race (part 1)

 - The race (part 2)


Photos from Brussels taken on July 1, 2007 with Alyce, Jayne and Stephanie




Please go to the photo page for links to view photos taken prior to July 2007.  Recent additions include the following photos

 - 2003 (Taiwan [includes cycling])

 - 2004 (Switzerland) - Zurich and Luzern (photos from Marian), Ebenalp, Jungfrau


Additional photos from years 2004 through 2006 may be posted shortly.


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