Nepal 2001

Holy Lake - 4560 meters

 (Day 11)

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Enroute to Holy Lake from Khopra Ridge

We were woken up at 5am and started the very long hike up to Holy Lake at 6am.

It was freezing and the ground was frozen over from the hail storm the previous night.

At one point during the hike, the thermometer display on my altimeter watch registered 18 Fahrenheit.

Luna and Graham both decided to head back to Khopra Ridge after reaching Annapurna South base camp (4210 meters).

Breakfast Menu: porridge, puff bread, fried egg, tea




Holy Lake

Holy moly!  The place was so fogged in by the time we got there that it was a bit of a letdown.

Our crazy flute-tooting porter came along clad in a pair of pajama bottom and sandals.

Spruce's camera lens froze up while we were there.  Curious...





Lunch Menu:  noodle soup, fried salami, orange Tang

at Tea Time:  in lieu of tea & biscuits, we each had 2 bowls of noodle soup

Dinner Menu:  perhaps it was altitude sickness, perhaps it was the 2 bowls of noodle soup...

I couldn't eat anything for dinner.


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