Nepal 2001

Naya Phul - 1065 meters

 (Days 15 and 16)

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Our Last Camp Site!

After walking for what seemed like an extra hour than anticipated, we arrived back at our starting point.

Naya Phul

Although I was a bit sad that the trek was over, I felt a deep sense of accomplishment.  As a city gal, I have only camped once in my life for a total period of 1 night.  Graham and I sat on a huge rock by the river; drank our San Miguel and reflected on the entire trekking experience.


Before dinner, we gathered personal items to give our porters and collected 17,500 rupees as tip.  I gave away my yellow PaineWebber Walk for Diabetes t-shirt (never worn on the trip and  still smelled like my fabric softener!), a spare toothbrush, a bag of cough drops and my last Balance Bar. I seemed to recall that someone did give away a pair of (smelly?) worn socks.


Ong Chhu diligently divided up the collected tip before dinner and shared with us the result.  He kept nothing for himself.  We were all very surprised by this.


  Tip Worksheet
  7 Porters @ 700 rupees each
  7 Kitchen boys and girl @ 800 rupees each
  Cook @ 1,600 rupees
  Head Porter @ 900 rupees
  Sirdar @ 2,000 rupees
  3 Sherpa Guides @ 900 rupees each
  Balance of 600 rupees went into a beer fund for the porters


Spruce introduced the porters to a beer bottle game - played with our empty beer bottles.  After our last camp dinner, we were invited to drink, dance and sing with the crew.  Compared to their fluid and sensual movements, our dance steps looked robotic.


Dinner Menu: prawn crackers with spinach ginger and onion soup, rice with dahbat,

chicken (yippee!), spinach, pumpkin, chocolate cake, hot chocolate and tea






Naya Phul - Early Morning - Day 16



(Above)  Eek!  Toad in my tent!  Spruce to the rescue.  Again.

(Below)  Ouch!  I had a very sunburned & peeling nose




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