Nepal 2001

Pokhara - 895 meters and enroute back to Kathmandu

 (Days 16 and 17)

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Poor goats and sheep.  Saw herds and herds of goats and sheep being brought to the market on the way from Naya Phul to Pokhara.  The annual Diwali or Tihar, the "festival of lights", was in full swing.  Families buy a goat or two and by the fifth day of the festival, slaughter the animal(s) and have a huge feast.



After a shower (some took two) at Hotel Barahi (luxurious bathroom - yea!), we met and had lunch at Club Amsterdam.  I ordered fried chicken fillets over rice, a basket of onion rings (yum) and a Coke.


Graham and I walked, searched and bargained our way down the main tourist street of Pokhara for souvenirs and last minute purchases well after lunch.  We shopped until 5pm or so.  Among many things (call me "Super Shopper"!), I picked up a fake The North Face bag for 700 NRS (I had a strong need for an additional bag in order to tote all my purchases back to the US).  This bag broke on the way to the Kathmandu airport and barely made it to Delhi in one piece.


We ate dinner at Hungry Eyes Restaurant that evening.  Nepalese dancers and musicians entertained us while we ate.  I ordered chili chicken over rice and a side order of fried vegetables.  Had coffee toffee ice cream for dessert.  Was very satiated.  We returned to Club Amsterdam for more beer after dinner.


Before leaving the hotel that particular morning, I sent all my dirty laundry out to be washed.  Incidentally, these were returned to me later that evening - nicely folded and fluffy soft.  Cost me a total of 450 Nepalese Rupees to get 25 pieces of clothing washed.  That's a measly $6.  Beat that price if you dare.






Next morning we returned to Kathmandu by bus and saw the Annapurna mountain range along the way.  Upon arrival at Hotel Shanker, I immediately made plans for more last minute shopping.  That evening we ate a late dinner at KC Restaurant in Thamel.  After a night cap at Hotel Shanker's bar, we had to say our goodbyes to Graham (who was leaving the next morning before sunrise).  I spent the rest of the evening writing out (gasp!) 24 postcards.  Apologies to all who did not receive one from me.  My excuse?  Didn't have your address with me!





As I left Hotel Shanker for the airport the next morning, Luna, Spruce, Jennifer and Colin stood by the window inside the hotel and waved to me.  I felt extremely fortunate to have become friends with these wonderful people and at the same time, had the experience of a lifetime.  Not to worry - I said to myself as I wiped away tears beneath my newly acquired blue Chanel sunglasses - I'll see you all very soon.  Maybe sooner than you'd imagine.



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